P6 Tutoring

Are you already familiar with P6 but just need a little help? Have a few questions about your project but need a little guidance on how to get Primavera® to do what you need? Whether you need a report tweaked or need to figure out how to transfer data with MS Excel.

You can schedule some time with our experienced Primavera® P6 consultants and trainers for some hands-on tutoring. Our Primavera® P6 instructors have taught thousands of students our customized training courses.

If you are time constrained or have a deadline, then online screen sharing collaboration software can be used to hold meetings and training sessions virtually.

Or, if you need to have a more customized course designed for you or your company, then our P6 trainers can work with you to pick and choose select chapter lessons to cover.

Contact us, as we welcome the opportunity to work with you and your organization. We hope to provide useful information quickly and effectively to help you be more productive with your projects. It is our mission “to become an integral part of your success through the professional delivery of project management software and services”.