Primavera® P6 Services

Oracle Primavera® P6 EPPM software product suite is not like the typical retail ‘out-of-the-box’ software product. P6 is purchased through licenses with Oracle and is then downloaded from their e-delivery site. P6 is part of their Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) which is a collection of computer programs that can work together on a centralized database. What this means is when you are working on your projects in P6, the data is not saved on your own computer but rather on a database in your company’s network. The main advantage of this system is so that more than one person can work on the same projects at the same time, in a true collaborative way.

Since Primavera® P6 is software that relies on a centralized database, some technical expertise is needed in order to get Primavera® installed on your company’s network. After installed, there may be an additional requirement to customize the settings in Primavera® to your company’s needs. P6 Consulting can help with its network of well-recognized Primavera® P6 Consultants.

These are some key advantages to our approach:

  • Focuses on business needs
  • Maximizes client’s investment
  • Defines the “How”, “Who”, “What”, and “When”
  • Fosters client collaboration & ownership
  • Plans for growth

Read our Blog article, to help understand the differences between installation, integration, implementation and administration.