eCPM102 Project Management Fundamentals in Primavera P6 Windows

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Welcome to your Online Training Course.

Welcome to eCPM102! Learn how to create, schedule, manage, and execute projects in Primavera P6 Professional from start to finish. In this course, you will learn fundamental project management skills through interactive modules, videos, case studies and more to gain hands-on experience using Primavera P6. We will cover a variety of topics from to create, plan and manage a project from start to finish. Be industry ready and apply new skills on the job using online training that is flexible and affordable. 

eCPM102 is an online, self-paced and interactive course designed to teach students the fundamentals of Oracle Primavera P6. This elearning course is designed after our popular CPM102 Primavera P6 Fundamentals course for Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Windows client. Even if you have little or no experience with Primavera P6, you will be able to learn how to plan, schedule, and manage a project using interactive modules, quizzes, and optional exercises. eCPM102 is easy, fast, and affordable way to learn Primavera P6 while on-the-go, at work, or at home. 

Course Description

There are 15 Lessons in total. Each lesson will consist of an interactive video and a quiz. Optional Exercises are available to complete on your own installation of Primavera P6 on your computer. 

Once all of the lessons are complete, you can download a course completion certificate.

eCPM102 Course Home Page. No doubt you’ve already seen the Course Home Page – you’re on it! The Course Home Page provides a quick orientation of the course, a list of technical requirements, and any information necessary to complete the course.

The course content can be found on My Account. Please select eCPM102 to access the course. 

The eCPM102 Home Page lists all 15 of the course lessons. The Course lessons can be accessed two different ways. First under the Course Navigation menu on the left hand side or under the main Course Content list below. 

As you finish each lesson, your Course Progress is monitored at the top of the eCPM102 home page. 

To get back to the eCPM102 Home Page you can click on the Course Home Page link at the top or bottom of the pages.

Course Navigation:

The Course Navigation is the menu on the left side of the screen. You can monitor your Course Progress above the Course Navigation menu.

  • Click on the Lesson title. For example, Lesson 1 – Navigating in P6.
  • Read the Lesson Description.
  • Step 1: View Lesson. You can either view the interactive lesson in the Lesson page, or you can click on the “Open the Lesson Video in a Larger Window”. This will open the lesson in full-screen of your web browser.
  • Step 2: Take Quiz. Once the Lesson is complete, the quiz link is located at the bottom of the Lesson page. A passing score is 60% or 3 out of 5 questions correct. The quiz can be re-taken as many times as needed. You can also view the quiz answers.
  • Step 3: Optional Exercises. Each Lesson has an Optional Exercise located under the respective lessons. In order for you to practice these optional exercises, you must have access to Primavera P6. Oracle offers a free 30 day trial to their Primavera P6 Project Management Software. Please follow the Download Instructions provided to install Primavera.
    • If you do not have access to Primavera, the Optional Exercise Lesson has demonstration videos of the exercises for you to review.
    • Once a Lesson is completed, you can go back to any of the completed lessons at any time.
  • Step 4: Course Completion Certificate. Once all of the lesson modules are complete, you will be able to download a PDF copy of the Course Completion Certificate.
  • Step 5: Course Evaluation Form. You will automatically be sent a Course Evaluation by email. Please take the time to fill out the quick form as your feedback and comments are important to us.

Primavera P6 Download and Installation for Optional Exercises

To get hands-on experience using Primavera P6, Optional Exercises are provided for each Lesson. These Optional Exercises require you to have access to Primavera P6 on your computer. The Download Instructions are provided on the left Course Navigation menu. Please note, Primavera P6 can only be installed on PC computers.

Course Progression

  1. There are 30 steps in the Course Progression Bar, 15 of the steps are for the Lessons and 15 for the Optional Exercises.
  2. After watching the Lesson video, the Lesson will be completed once you pass the Quiz. The Course Progress Bar will update.
  3. For the Optional Exercises, you must click the “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of the Optional Exercise page to record the Lesson’s Course Progression. You will not be able to advance to the next lesson until it is Marked Complete.

 Course Completion Certificate

When the Course Progression Bar reaches 100%, the top of the Course Home Page will update and you will be able Download the Certificate. You will also be emailed instructions on downloading the certificate from the My Account page.


If you are experiencing any technical difficulties, including but not limited to:

  • Logging into your Account.
  • Viewing course materials.
  • Accessing lesson modules, videos or any other content.
  • Extending e-Learning subscriptions.
  • Printing the Certificate of Completion.
  • Completing the Course Evaluation form.

Please contact us at [email protected]

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