Why Should I Upgrade to the Latest Version of Primavera P6?

Written on . By CPM Solutions

We are often asked this question by our clients. Oracle’s latest version of their industry standard project management software Primavera P6 EPPM product suite is P6 release 8.2. Quite a few larger established companies who use Primavera tend to be using the P6 Windows Client for release 6 or 7.

So why upgrade to the latest version?

  1. The latest version of P6 EPPM comes packaged with both clients of their project management software: the P6 Windows Client and P6 Web Access. Now project managers, planners and schedulers, basically any powerclient user can still use the familiar P6 Windows Client to plan, maintain, and update their projects while higher level management and executives can obtain their live ‘snapshot’ reports for the same projects and portfolios through the P6 Web Access Dashboards.
  2. P6 Web Access opens doors to many other features that are not available in the P6 Windows Client. Not only do you get the customizable Dashboards, there are extensive Portfolio Analysis, Resource Management, Risks and Issues Modules.
  3. P6 Web Access is an internet based application. This means that P6 users can easily login to their account to access Primavera rather then connecting to a company database in order to view their work. All that’s required is internet access.
  4. A feature that is now available in P6 Windows client is Timescaled Logic Diagrams. This is an excellent tool to help project managers get an overall view of the project in a Gantt Chart style timeline.
  5. If you are using an older version of Primavera P6 that is current with Oracle Support, you can upgrade to R8.2 for free!  Your database can be converted to the upgraded version so you won’t lose your data.

We hope these few examples have you given you the incentive to upgrade to P6 EPPM Release 8.2.