Q&A: “Why are my attached files in documents showing in their local path or share drive, but not uploaded in the CM server?”

Written on . By CPM Solutions

Your problem: I added a lot of attached files into my documents in Project Manager, but they have never been uploaded to the attach file location set in CM administration. 

How can I make sure all the files are uploaded to the folder set by CM server?

My Solution:

In your Contract Manager server:

  1. Right-click your project name in the left side of CM screen.
  2. Select “User Setting”.
  3. Uncheck this option: “I am currently connected to the file server”.
  4. Click “save” button.

By default, the option “I am currently connected to the file server” is set, if you need to change this setting globally, use the method below:

  1. Open a Command prompt from the Fileserver where CM is located.
  2. Type this command: osql -E -S .\primavera
  3. When the prompt for SQL command appears after the above step 2, type the SQL statments below:

use expadmin
update dbo.admin set can_access_file_server=0 where 1=1
go exit

4. Close the Dos Command prompt.

You’re done!