Why Don’t I See Any Time or Duration Labels in Primavera P6 Web Access?

Written on . By CPM Solutions

If you don’t see any time or duration labels for Hours or Days in Primavera P6 Web Access R8, whether you are looking at your Dashboard or even for your Activity Durations? For example: units1 or units2  
The solution is easy to fix. Simply follow the steps below: 1) On the <Title Bar>, next to <Administer>, click on the <triangle> to expand the Administer drop down menu. 2) Click on <My Preferences> 3) Click the <Global> tab 4) Click on <triangle> for <Time Units Format> to expand the section 5) Click on the <triangles> for <Display Time Units> and <Display Durations> to expand the sections 6) Click the <Check Boxes> to <Show unit label> and <Show duration label> 7) The drop downs allow you to select which unit or duration you want to be displayed:  Hour, Day, Week, Month, or Year 8) The <Decimal places> drop down allows you to select how many decimal places you want displayed 9) Click on the <Save and Close> button at the bottom right   units3 The Time and Duration Labels will now show on your Dashboards and Activities in P6 Web Access. units4 and units5