Q&A: “Why do I get a permission error when I try to import P3 projects into P6?”

Written on . By CPM Solutions

Your problem: “I am trying to import a file from Primavera P3.0 format to Primavera 6.1 and I get this error.  I am hoping that it is because it is a 3.0 file not a 3.1 file that is the cause.  As you can see I have many P3 projects and they all react the same way with the same error.”


My Solution:

From the screenshot above, we can conclude that a missing permission is the cause of this problem.

The username and password field can be left blank during the import, however, the username Everyone must be listed in the project access list.  If Everyone is not listed, then a valid P3 username will need to be entered to continue the import.

Note: If P3 is not installed on the workstation during the import, then user Everyone must be in the project access list.

To add “Everyone” to the P3 project access list, please do the following in P3:

  1. Choose File, Open.
  2. Highlight the project that you wish to import into Project Manager/Project Management and click the Access button.
  3. Add the “Everyone” user with Read / Write access.

Conversely, you can use the attached file to fix this problem.
(The attached file is a project access file containing the user Everyone assigned Read / Write access. Rename the attached xxxxac2.p3 and replace the xxxx with the 4 character P3 project name. Save to the folder where the imported project is located and the project can be imported. )