Q&A: “What’s the difference between Refresh Data and Commit Changes in P5 / P6?”

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File Example:
User A in a project changes an activity id.
User B in the same project at the same time, schedules.
User A closes then User B closes.

Will the changes made by user A be respected by the database?

Yes. The changes made by User A will be respected because the two users were not changing the same data at the record level. If both users A and B were changing the same record, the last user to request the data update would cause the data to be updated.

“Refresh Data” is used to refresh the data currently displayed on the screen. This forces the application to pull data from the database. This is useful if a view has been open for a while and there is a potential that this data may have been updated by another user in the database.

“Commit Changes” forces the application to push the updated data to the database