The Road Ahead for P6 Team Member R8.3

Written on . By CPM Solutions

The road ahead for P6 Team Member is looking bright. Here is a list of the enhancements in P6 Team Member R8.3:

  • Discussion feature
  • Work distribution filter
  • Adding or deleting activity steps
  • Enhanced filtering options
  • Viewing notebook topics and documents
  • Cannot status future dates
  • Primary resources can view milestones
  • Star filtering option in e-mail
  • Sending welcome e-mail to new team members
  • Request updates on e-mail statusing
  • Timesheet users can view e-mail updates.

Discussion Feature

The Discussion Feature in P6 Team Member gives users access to communicate with each other about a task right in the task! Comments by team members are saved with the task and kept for future use. You can find this discussion feature in both EPPM and PPM in the Activity details. A NEW feature in the Discussion is the addition of the “Unread Comments” that need to be reviewed. This let’s users know that someone posted a new comment. If the project is locked, comments cannot be added but users are able to read the already posted comments. You can view these discussion topics in the Web app and iPhone app in P6 Team Member.

Work Distribution Filter

The NEW Work Distribution Filter in R8.3 enables team members that are not activity owners or associated resources to view a list of tasks that they are responsible for updating. This filter can be configured to distribute the work based on generic resources, roles, or global and EPS activity codes. The Work Distribution Filter will create more accountability among team members through visibility and collaboration of resources.

Adding or Deleting Activity Steps

The P6 Team Member Web app provides added functionality of adding, deleting and renaming steps in task lists. This gives project managers added confidence in their project schedule as it is updated with current and accurate information.

Enhanced Filtering Options

P6 Team Member R8.3 comes with the NEW Time Frame Filter and text search filter. This filter comes with options such as Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week and so on.

Other filters that are still available to P6 Team Member are Projects and Status (previously known as the That Are filter). Filter Projects by multiple or individual projects. Filter the Status of projects by Active, Overdue, Completed, and Starred.

Viewing Notebook Topics and Documents

Users can view notebook topics and documents that are assigned to their tasks giving them access to important information. Project managers can keep control over these notebooks and documents since they are Read-Only, not allowing team members to create or edit notebooks.

In Documents, the names of the documents assigned to the task, who create the document, who has modified the document and when, and the status of the document are provided.

Cannot Status Future Dates

In the P6 Team Member app, users cannot set an actual start date or finish date before the date has occurred. This feature will increase the integrity of the schedule by not letting updates skew the project.

Primary Resources Can View Milestones

In previous versions of P6 Team Member, primary resources were unable to view task milestones. In R8.3 this functionality is available, allowing for primary resources to check the status of the milestone task a completed.

Star Filtering Option in E-Mail

In the E-mail Statusing option of P6 Team Member, users can now request a filtered list of tasks that are starred. This is on top of the already existing filters of project, time frame, and status.

Sending a Welcome E-mail to New Team Members

Project managers can set-up a Welcome e-mail to be sent to new team members that are just starting out on the app in R8.3. This e-mail can contain important information such as instructions on how to use the different types of apps or requesting task lists.

Requesting Updates on E-mail Statusing

Make updating through E-mail Statusing flawless by pushing e-mails of the task lists to team members through a NEW Notify Feature. This Notify Feature allows for project managers to send e-mails through the Statusing Service to team members with Notify as the keyword.

How does it work? Project managers will list e-mail addresses for the team members that the status updates should be sent to in the body of the e-mail. The E-mail Statusing service will use the attached e-mail addresses to filter the appropriate updates for the tasks that the team members are associated with so the team members receive the information they need.

Updating Users Can View E-mail Updates

Timesheet users can now request upcoming assigned tasks so they can view data on their iPhones. They are not allowed to update data as it is in Read-Only form.

Updating User-Defined Fields (UDFs) and Activity Codes

Team members can now view and update up to 20 activity codes and UDFs in a NEW Codes and UDFs detail panel. In R8.3, project managers can control the option whether users can update or only view codes and UDFs in Read-Only form.

P6 Status Update Approval Impact

P6 Team Member R8.3 had control in mind with the latest updates. Project managers can decide which updates are approved and what functionality is provided to users. Keep your team on track as well as your schedule by implementing enterprise-wide best practices for approval processes.