Surprise…New Release P6 EPPM 15.1 Has Arrived!

Written on . By CPM Solutions

You’re probably wondering how jumping from 8.4 to 15.1 makes any sense at all! As we’ve all been speculating and anticipating Release 9 to come out for months now, Oracle has decided to not only give us some new updates, but to also change the numbering system of their releases for more consistency across the entire Primavera product line.

Oracle will be releasing two updates a year, and the prefix number will represent the year in which it is releases (ex. 2016, second update -> Release 16.2). This system will apply to all current Primavera products (Analytics, Gateway, Unifier, etc.) to help IT administrators understand which versions of products will work together.

Primavera P6 EPPM Release 15.1

A lot of the updates take place in Web Access, apps, and integration which is not a surprise as P6 Web is the main priority now. It’s noteworthy to mention that they are addressing the slow response issues by writing some of the application in HTML5.

New Features

  • Resource bucket planning
  • Import and export baselines for projects in XML format
  • Cut, copy, and paste multiple projects
  • Improved Gateway integration settings
  • Improved Unifier integration capabilities
  • Team Member task detail preferences
  • Timesheets capabilities in P6 Mobile
  • Separate modules for P6 Professional and Visualizer

Noteworthy Changes You Should Know More About

Resource Bucket Planning

Typically, all planned and remaining units would be distributed linearly over the duration of the activity. With the new release, you are now able to control and accurately reflect the amount of work within a time period, which you can set the timescale for.

Gateway Integration Settings

If you’re using Unifier, Prime or an ERP system with Primavera P6, you can now connect to multiple instances of all those programs in the latest release.

Unifier Integration Enhancements

You can now send and receive activity information from P6 and Unifier and it will update into P6. You can also update information into P6 from the business processed in Unifier. Activity sheet integration from Unifier is added to help these features.

Enterprise Features in P6 Windows EPPM

For P6 Professional power users, enterprise settings are brought back into this client. Before, all users would have to go into P6 Web Access to change this information, but users can now easily access it in Windows again which makes it efficient, especially if they have the security privileges to edit enterprise data. Under the dropdown Enterprise menu, the following items have been added back:

  • EPS
  • OBS
  • Project Codes
  • Activity Step Templates
  • Cost Accounts
  • Funding Sources


Everybody appreciates an upgrade – especially if it makes their lives easier and the application a little more flexible to our needs! If you are one of those unique companies that strongly utilize Team Member and P6 Mobile on the field, I highly suggest you look at the detailed documentation on those changes, as a lot of updates have been made to those applications.