A Need for Risk Mitigation Through the Decades Point to One Thing – STOworx

Written on . By CPM Solutions

Since 1857, when asked what the most challenging thing about planning and executing industry shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages the answer is invariably risk mitigation. Whether it’s the risk associated with scope of work, budget, or timeline, or whether it’s the risk associated with social responsibility, this is for certain – without best-practices, good data, and document control communication, decision-making and risk mitigation are compromised.

From 1985, companies have endeavoured to establish best-practice methodologies using in-house database platforms, spreadsheets, and a variety of expensive software solutions to support them. Before cloud- and web-based platforms were available, this was seen as a positive step forward, improving the overall effectiveness of STO events and mitigating risks.

Nowadays, however, we have as much data (1’s and 0’s) and documents to manage and control in our methodology work management processes as we do hydrocarbon molecules in our mechanical/chemical processes. This is creating expensive, often risky situations that compromise communication, decision-making, and risk mitigation. Fortunately, we now have access to technology solutions that can not only handle billions of bits of information, they can process it, analyze it, and more importantly allow real-time status and communication of information across an entire organization. It can do this all with data integrity, security, and speed at a very low cost.

STOworx® is a cloud- and web-based solution designed to mitigate risk and provide real-time, best-practice navigation for planning and executing industry shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages. Its secure and transparent platform allows organizations to not only effectively plan their STO events, but to safely, reliably, and efficiently execute them to ensure the lowest cost and shortest duration STO event possible.

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