Restart Your Browser for a New Version of JRE

Written on . By CPM Solutions

When you open your IE and enter your Contract Manager web URL, and if you received the message below:

A new version of JRE has been installed. Your browser needs to be restarted for these changes to take effect…

When you click the OK button, IE is automatically closed and you cannot access your Contract Manager website at all.  The problem is that your IE fails to install the new version of Java Plugin in your browser due to security reason. Contract Manager doesn’t need the new version of Java Applet at all and it provides the supported JRE in your Contract Manager website for download. But ,the Java keeps checking the new version of JRE and tries to install in your machine when it’s applicable.

Here is the solution:

1. Disable Java update checking: Go to the Control Panel, double-click Java (In X64-bit Windows, you need to select View x86 Control Panel Icons first), and open Java Control Panel dialog. Then select the Update tab, uncheck the Check for updates automatically option. Next select the Adavanced tab, expand the JRE Auto-download, select Never auto-download. Finally, close Java Control Panel.

2. Remove unnecessary versions of JRE: Go to the Windows Control Panel, open Add/remove programs, remove all the JRE versions that are newer than 6.0 version. Because if Contract Manager does not sees the JRE version needed, it will ask you to download from its site.

After the two steps above, restart your IE, you should be able to access your Contract Manager.