Quick Tip: How to Import and Export Layouts in Primavera P6

Written on . By CPM Solutions

There’s always that one person who manages to create the best layouts for their schedule. It seems that within seconds they can whip up a new layout that fits exactly what they need. They know all of the column names and groupings – they know P6 in and out. Well, here is some good news for you. Until you become a P6 master just like them (and you will!), you can borrow layouts from their huge stack within minutes. Rather than trying to copy the column names, simply export and import layouts from one P6 application to another.

Here’s some quick steps to import and export layouts in P6:

1) Click on the Layout menu, Layout, Open.


2) Select either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to save changes to the original layout.

At this point, you can either import or export a P6 layout.


3a) Select Export.

3b) Rename the layout, if necessary. Click Save.

The layout will be saved as a .plf file. This is specific to layouts in P6.


3b) Select Import.

4b) Select the layout to be imported. Click Open.

Once you import a new layout, you can open it as any other layout normally. Importing and exporting files is a really quick process to have all of your P6 users using the same layout. This will help to improve the standardization of updating the project schedule across teams.

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