Quick Guide: Setting-Up Issue Navigator at Start-Up

Written on . By CPM Solutions

Watching for project issues is not always the first thing a project manager does when logging in to Primavera P6. In fact, many forget to use the Project Issues window in P6 all together. Instead of letting issues creep up in projects, Primavera P6 has a setting called the Issue Navigator that that notifies you of issues as soon as you log in. Here is a step-by-step quick guide to set-up the Issue Navigator in P6 Professional:

1) Open the Edit menu, User Preferences


2) Select the Application tab on the left-hand menu bar


3) Mark the checkbox next to “Show the Issue Navigator dialog at startup”


4) Click Close


Next, you will want to see if the Issue Navigator is working. Close Primavera P6 and re-open the application. When you re-open Primavera P6, the Issue Navigator dialog box will open.


The Issue Navigator has some options to use. First, we will check the Display drop-down menu.

Click on the Display menu, hover or click on Filter By. The Filter By option lets you view by All Issues, Open Issues, Closed Issues, On Hold Issues, and more. These options are set when you create the initial issues and update the issue during the project. It is best to select All Issues so you can monitor progress of the entire project.


Click on the Issue Details button to quickly access the Project Issues window.

Open_Project Issues

The Project Issues window displays the entire project’s issues that have been created. When you are creating issues, remember to use the detail tabs below (General, Details, Notes). Using the tab,s you can identify which WBS, activity, and user the issue belongs to. This can help to keep projects managers on task and provide warning of when an issue may affect the project. You can also update the issues to indicate if they are closed, on hold, or open and their priority (lowest to to highest).

ProjectIssues_General Tab




The Issue Navigator is a handy tool to use in Primavera P6 so that you don’t miss an issue that could affect your schedule or budget significantly. Remember to use issues and add details and notes so that other P6 users can help to mitigate the issue’s effect on the project.