Working with a Colleague? Use F10 and F5 Hotkeys

Written on . By Tracy Mah

As a database-driven software, Primavera® P6 doesn’t exactly come with a “Save” button. Your Primavera P6 Client (both Professional Windows Client and Web Access Client) “communicates” with a database that stores all of the data you enter. This may have presented you with a problem – how do I “save” data on the database to show other Users what I have done? Well, P6 does “save” your data to the database automatically at regular intervals or when you close or Schedule the project. But, you don’t want to have to perform these actions every time you want to save data, especially if you are working with a colleague. Luckily, P6 comes with a few hotkeys to help you collaboratively work with other Users in P6 at the same time.


The F10 button on your keyboard is a hotkey to “Commit Changes”. This is essentially your “Save” button to “push” data into your database. When you press F10, the data you have changed “pushed” to the database so that it can be seen by other Users. It is also a best practice to regularly press F10 when you are making changes even if you are not working with other Users. It may by a life saver if P6 unexpectedly stops working.


If other Users are working in P6 to make changes, it is important that you refresh your screen to see the latest data from the database.  The F5 button on your keyboard lets you do just that! Once changes are committed to the database, you can press F5 and these changes will be automatically populated on your screen. This is useful if you are reviewing changes before they are scheduled or if you need to approve changes by team members.


When you’re working with other Users, it is a simple coordination of committing and refreshing changes. Once a User is finished entering changes, they will press F10 to commit the changes the database. To view the changes on another computer, press F5 to refresh. That’s it!

Although Primavera uses a database and does not have a “Save” button, it does have a few tricks up its sleeve to help you work with other P6 Users accessing the same database.