What is Oracle BI Publisher?

Written on . By CPM Solutions

There’s been much talk about Oracle’s Business Intelligence Publisher that is now available in the P6 EPPM product suite and Contract Management suite. So what exactly is BI Publisher and why should you implement it?

What is Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher)?

Oracle BI Publisher is a reporting and publishing solution that enables users to extract data from multiple data sources, create a template to lay out the data in a report, and publish the report to numerous output formats. BI Publisher also enables users to schedule reports and deliver the reports to any required delivery channel.

Why BI Publisher?

This robust reporting tool can produce and deliver all your reports:

  • Invoices
  • Operational Reports
  • Correspondence
  • Financial Statements
  • Government Forms
  • Checks
  • Purchase Orders
  • Interactive Reports
  • EFT & EDI
  • Shipping Labels

BI Publisher Benefits

BI Publisher allows users to author, deliver and manage their business documents all in one environment. End users can easily design report layouts directly in a Web browser or using familiar desktop tools, dramatically reducing the time and cost needed to develop and maintain reports.

BI Publisher New Features

For Consumers:

  • Improved Interactive Performance
  • Favorites
  • Edit Scheduled Job
  • Schedule Triggers
  • Enhanced Parameters
  • Enhanced E-Business Support


  • Trial Edition
  • Oracle Reports Conversion Assistant

For Authors:

  • Create Report Workflow
  • Enhanced Parameters and List of Values
  • Report Lifecycle Management
  • PDF/A and PDF/X
  • Preserve HTML formatting in data
  • Template Builder for 64 bit Word

For Administrators:

  • Independent Authorization and Authentication servers