P6 Primavera for project management virtual training

Primavera P6 Virtual Training Options

Written on . By Tracy Mah

Want to learn to use Oracle Primavera for project management? Whether you are a novice, or an experienced Primavera P6 user wanting to refresh your skill set, P6 Consulting Inc.’s Primavera P6 virtual training options are designed to help you succeed. Virtual P6 project management training is an option that allows you and your team to learn to use P6 from the comfort of your own home or office, while enjoying all the benefits of live, one-on-one instruction and practical coursework. We currently offer our virtual project management training in a live, synchronous format and a self-directed asynchronous format.

Learners in all virtual P6 training formats are given access to the Primavera P6 Professional (Windows) Client or to the P6 Web Access software. Both our virtual training courses are divided into a number of focused topic areas, guiding you through the fundamentals of the software before launching into specific case studies. The case studies encourage you and your team to apply what you’ve learned to a practical, real-life scenario that’s applicable to your field.

Courses are offered at both a fundamental level and an advanced level, so you can tailor your learning experience to suit your specific software configuration requirements and the level of access required for specific team members. Our eCPM 102 course is a great starting point for those who are new to the program and want to gain a strong knowledge base on using Primavera for project management.

Live Virtual Primavera P6 Training

Primavera P6 live virtual training

P6 live virtual training gives participants the opportunity to learn from an expert in real time, from any location in North America. The benefits of our live training include:

  • >Opportunities for one-on-one training
  • Real-time instruction tailored to specific pain points or areas of confusion
  • Small class sizes (no more than 5 participants at a time, from the same organization)
  • Full access to Oracle Primavera P6 software
  • Focused, two-day intensive training for minimal disruption to regular operations
  • Professional Development Units (PDU) can be claimed toward PMI project management certification

Instructor-led virtual training is available in a one-on-one format, or for groups of up to 5 participants. Live virtual training is only available to participants in North America (due to time zone differences).

In this format, the instructor shares their screen and demonstrates program activities in real time. Participants are also provided with a second connection to a participant computer, allowing them full access to the desktop and Oracle Primavera P6 software. The instructor has simultaneous access to the participant computers, allowing them to see exactly what each participant is doing and offer advice or answer questions as needed.

Group virtual training for 2 or more people is currently only offered for staff in the same organization. This allows for a more focused training experience, with opportunities to customize the training to suit specific organizational needs or trouble areas. This also prevents scheduling conflicts, and allows for a better sense of cohesion as team members from the same organization get the same tailored training.

Depending on the course, virtual training takes place over one to three full working days, with plenty of time for instruction, questions, and focus on the details of the Primavera P6 interface.

Self-Paced Subscription eLearning for Primavera P6

Primavera P6 project management software training

Our eLearning course is modeled on the popular Primavera Fundamentals for P6 Professional course. Self-paced learning is a good option for larger organizations or for individuals who are unable to schedule two full days for synchronous training.

The benefits of our learning opportunities include:

  • Ability to learn at your own pace, at any location, at any time of day
  • Cost effectiveness for smaller groups and organizations
  • 10 professional development units (PDU) toward PMI project management certification
  • Much of the same material as the live virtual training
  • Download a detailed eCPM102-Course-Syllabus

Our self-paced eCPM 102 eLearning Project Management Fundamentals in Primavera® P6 Windows Professional course comprises 15 lessons modeled closely after the live virtual training course. Learners will have access to asynchronous lessons that they can access at any time, with interactive instructions and a guided tour of the software. Most of the theory that is discussed in the live virtual training is also covered in this eLearning module.

This self-paced learning model is also ideal for those who have used the P6 software previously but are looking for a certification for a resume, or are self-taught and want to fill in the blanks on their understanding of the product’s functionality, and using Primavera for project management.

Our self-paced eCPM 102 course is also worth 10 PDU for project management certification through the Project Management Institute (PMI).

This self-paced course requires learners to install the program on their own computer or a company computer that they have access to. Customers can either purchase the software via Oracle, or install the free 30-day product demo, also available through Oracle. The whole course takes about 10 hours to complete, and learners have up to 90 days after purchase to complete all the lessons.

For $349 CAD, customers can access:

  • Instructions on how to install the 30 day trial of Oracle Primavera® P6 Professional (Windows) Client
  • 15 sequenced interactive modules
  • 15 quizzes
  • 15 optional exercises (these must be completed on your own installed instance of Primavera® P6 Professional [Windows] Client)
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Navigating P6 Professional
  • Lesson 2: Creating a Project
  • Lesson 3: Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Lesson 4: Creating and Assigning Calendars
  • Lesson 5: Adding Activities
  • Lesson 6: Creating Relationships
  • Lesson 7: Calculating the Schedule
  • Lesson 8: Assigning Constraints
  • Lesson 9: Activity Codes
  • Lesson 10: Formatting Activity Layouts
  • Lesson 11: Assigning Resources and Costs
  • Lesson 12: Backing Up and Optimizing the Project Plan
  • Lesson 13: Creating a Baseline Project
  • Lesson 14: Updating Statuses in P6
  • Lesson 15: Reporting Project Performance

In-Person P6 Training Options

In Person P6 Training Options

In-Person P6 Training Options

P6 Consulting also offers in-person training for organizations and individuals wanting to learn to use Primavera for project management. As of 2020 the availability of in-person options is subject to local pandemic restrictions.

Classroom training is available in a live instructor-led format up to groups of 12 people. This format is essentially the same as the live virtual P6 training option, but with the instructor in the room with you.

Canadian clients can also request on-site training in which an instructor will visit the organization offices and teach staff how to use the program. Please note that the instructor fee for on-site training will include travel and lodging expenses. Please contact us for a custom quote.

For a full overview of our classes for project management via the P6 software, visit our Training Courses page.