Primavera P6 Professional ‘Open State’

Written on . By Tracy Mah

How do you know what project is open when you are in Primavera P6 Professional? There are three quick ways to find out which project(s) are currently open in the program.

Check the Title Bar

The first way to know which project you have open in Primavera P6 Professional is to check the Title bar at the top of the P6 window. Open projects are displayed on the title bar in the format “[Project ID] ([Project Name])”. Individual opened projects are separated by commas. For example, in Figure 1, two projects are open. The respective project IDs and names are “EC00501 Haitang Corporate Park” and “EC00515 City Centre Office Building Expansion”.

Figure 1: Open projects shown in the title bar

Check the Folder Icons

The second way to identify which project(s) are open is by looking at the folder icons which appear in the Project ID column of the Projects Window, to the left of the alphanumeric project IDs. Each project is represented by a separate folder icon. Unopened projects are marked with a closed folder icon. When a project is opened, the corresponding icon image will change to show an opened folder. The difference between the open folder versus the closed folder icon is subtle, so you’ll need to look closely.

Figure 2: Folder icons shown in the Projects Window

Enable the Open State Column

The third and simplest way to identify opened projects in Primavera P6 Professional is to add the Open State column to your Projects Window. The Open State column, when enabled, appears to the right of the folder icons and states whether the project is “open” or “closed”. To add the Open State column to your Projects Window, click the Columns icon on the Toolbar or top ribbon of the P6 Projects Window. In the Columns dialogue box, find Open State in the Available Options list, Summary category, and add it to your Selected Options, then click Okay.

Figure 3: Adding the Open State column to the Projects Window

When you return the Projects Window, the Open State column should be visible.

Figure 4: The Projects Window with the Open State column enabled

That’s it — 3 easy ways to tell if your project is open in Primavera P6 Professional. Choose the method that works best for you, and prevent confusion as to which project(s) are open and which one you’re working on.