P6 Windows Professional versus P6 Windows Client for EPPM

Written on . By CPM Solutions

Yes, there is a difference. Primavera P6 Windows Professional is a standalone or network product that uses its own enterprise database.  If companies want to upgrade to the EPPM product suite, they will need to purchase new licenses as there is no migration path available for P6 PPM.
There is a version of P6 Windows that is bundled with the EPPM product suite. This P6 Windows client has all the same functions and looks of P6 Professional, but the main difference is that it is used in conjunction with P6 Web Access.
Both P6 Windows Client (for EPPM) and the P6 Web Client access the same enterprise database of projects.
  • This is significant because the power users or advanced planners and schedulers can still use P6 Windows client for their projects. At the same time, executives, managers and project managers can conduct higher level planning, resourcing, portfolio management, administration and team collaboration all through the P6 Web client.
Features NO LONGER Available in P6 PPM Professional (Windows Client) R8:
  • Summary-Only projects
  • Microsoft ProjectLink/MSP-Managed Projects – P6 R8 will continue to offer Microsoft Project import and export capabilities. The plug-in for MSP has been removed from R8.
  • Project Architect
  • Top Down Estimation
  • Check Project Integrity
Feature Changes of P6 Windows Client for P6 EPPM:
  • All administrative and most enterprise-level tasks for P6 Windows Client in the P6 EPPM database are accessed through the P6 Web Client.
  • Administrative features relocated from P6 Windows to P6 Web are:
    • Global Dictionaries, including EPS, OBS, Project Codes, Activity Step Templates, Cost Accounts, Funding Sources, Risk User Defined Fields
    • Users
    • Security Profiles
    • Admin Preferences
    • Admin Categories
    • Currencies
    • Timesheet Dates
    • Financial Periods
    • Time Approval
    • Job Services – Replaced with new Scheduled Services. New Job Status available for monitoring services from Windows
    • Project Risks – Replaced with new Risks
    • Methodology Manager module – Replaced with new Project Templates
    • SDK – Deprecated. Will not support new tables and will be removed in future releases after R8. API and Web Services continue to be enhanced and should be considered for future integrations, customizations and other utilities.