P6 Visualizer: Your Favourite New Tool

Written on . By CPM Solutions

Love your Gantt Chart and time-scaled logic diagrams but you’re not quite getting enough from them? P6 Visualizer, released with the latest version of the Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) suite, will take these tools to the next level.

P6 Visualizer is a brand new application that provides you with time-scaled graphical reports of your projects, programs, and portfolio data. With more options and formats available to you, P6 Visualizer will help you display your project information for a more user-friendly read. The new application takes old capabilities from Gantt Charts and time-scaled logic diagrams such as grouping and sorting, headers and footers, and relationship lines and then adds brand new capabilities such as field stacking, wrap text, unlimited labels, connector blocks, and batching reports. P6 Visualizer is here to help you get the most of your project data in an easy-to-read format for everyone to understand.

Your New and Improved Gantt Chart

Projects, small to large, have lots of information included in them, such as documents, notebooks, and activity steps. In the Visualizer Gantt Charts, your activity table can be customized to display all of this information without having to dig deeper – it’s right there for you to see!

Stacking fields and changing fonts allows you to get as much information up front as possible. This means that in the Activity Table, each activity would have the same stacked fields. For example, you could stack the Activity Name, Duration, Start and Finish Date in the first row and this would be stacked on your second row that has your assigned resources for the activity with their costs and updated % complete. This is completely customizable as to which columns you want presented on each row.

Other features in the Gantt Chart include:

  • Bar shapes and colours
  • Unlimited bar labels
  • Bar colour coding
  • Specify relationship types
  • Draw relationship lines (including lag)
  • Create connector blocks for external relationships

Your New and Improved Time-Scaled Logic Diagrams

The Time-Scaled Logic Diagram has come with many of the new features in the Gantt Chart. On top of that you’ll be able to view more than one activity per row which means that your project schedule (especially those long ones with multiple activities proceeding at the same time) will be condensed. It will be easier to see activities happening at the same time and their relationships.

Report Usage and Distribution

Much like P6 EPPM, you can save your layouts to be used again and for other people to use as well.

Keep reporting efficient and on-time by batching reports in P6 Visualizer. These reports, both Gantt Chart and Time-Scaled Logic Diagrams, can be printed as a hard copy or as a pdf. These reports will be sent to the appropriate people when you set their emails into the batches.


P6 Visualizer takes your Gantt Chart and Time-Scaled Logic Diagram and puts them on steroids. They are more efficient, readable and flexible in terms of the content you can display and how you display it. Use P6 Visualizer when you purchase or upgrade to the latest version of P6 EPPM R8.3.