Q&A: “Oracle database creation issue in P6.1 when Oracle is running on Windows Server 2008”

Written on . By CPM Solutions

Your Problem: “Below is the screenshot of the error I get when trying to create the database. It seems like the GUI is unable to connect to the Oracle database. What mechanism is it using? I tried the install on my own desktop and I get past this point no problem. When I try to install on our app server, I get the error. Yet I’m able to TNSPING the db from app server. I can even login using SQL*Plus. We do not have firewall between these 2 servers.

Your help would be appreciated.”

My Solution:

The cause is in dbexpoda.dll file. This dll file provided in P6.1 or older is not compatible with Windows Server 2008.

Upgrade your P6.1 to P6.2 or use the dll file provided by P6.2 resolves it.