Q&A: “Oracle complained with Database Server Error: ORA-01017

Written on . By CPM Solutions

Your problem:

My P6 tried to connect to Oracle database, but it gave the error below when I configured the database for P6:

“Bad private user name or password. Check the public group ID. Database Server Error: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied.”

My Solution:

The fact: the default passwords for both pubuser and privuser in Oracle DB have been changed.

The error message didn’t say the pubuser is wrong because the correct password has been given during the configuration. However, the password for privuser has no way to be set during the database configuration. you should run the dbconfig.exe in <primavera Install Home>\Common\bin to store the changed passwords for Primavera, otherwise, Primavera will pick up the default passwords. See the figure below: