How to Use Relationship Comments in Oracle Primavera P6 Professional

Written on . By Tracy Mah

The ability to add Comments in Activity Relationships is a handy new feature added in Primavera P6 Professional release 20.

In older versions of Primavera P6 there isn’t a convenient way to document information on specific relationships. Traditionally, if you needed to communicate or keep track of important interactions within the Primavera P6 project, you would use a Notebook topic or create a text User Defined Field (UDF).

The Comments Column can be added to both the Predecessors and Successors panes of the Relationships tab.

To show the Comments Column in the Predecessor pane:

  • Click the Relationships tab (Figure 1).
  • Right-click the mouse in the blank space of the Predecessors pane. Then select “Customize Predecessor Columns…” (Figure 1).
  • In the Predecessor Columns dialog box, expand the General category (Figure 2).
  • In the left “Available Options” side, highlight “Comments” then click the right arrow to move it to the right “Selected Options” side (Figure 2).
  • Text can be entered in each of the Comments (Figure 2).

The same procedure can be done for the Successors pane to add the Comments Column.

Figure 1: Primavera P6 Relationships Tab

Figure 1: Primavera P6 Relationships Tab

Figure 2: Primavera P6 - Adding Relationship Comments

Figure 2: Primavera P6 – Adding Relationship Comments


A maximum of 250 text characters can be entered in the Relationship Comments field. The added ability to add text comments for individual relationships is useful for project managers to record any important information for specific relationships. For instance, the comments can be used to document changes to the relationships or the reasons why lag was used. 

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