How to Run Primavera and IE V11 Together

Written on . By CPM Solutions

Are you experiencing issues with your Primavera P6 applications? Just recently, many Windows users had their IE browser automatically upgraded to Internet Explorer Version 11. For those using Primavera applications, (including Primavera P6 Windows Client, Primavera Web Access, and Primavera Contract Management) this new update has caused P6 to glitch and malfunction. For example, P6 Windows Client users can enter a Notebook Topic description once against a project, but if they try to edit the Notebook Topic again, the edits will not be saved and after pressing OK, the changes just disappear. If you are using Primavera Web and Contract Management, you cannot even open projects. Oracle Support suggests that all you need to do is uninstall IE v11 and your Primavera will work fine. Although this may be true, your IT administrators will say otherwise, that it is a bad idea to use the outdated version of IE because many critical security holes were fixed in the new version.

Luckily, we found a way to run Primavera with IE v11 perfectly. Here are the steps to configure IE v11 to work with Primavera:

1. Open IE, and click the tools icon near the top-right corner, then click Compatibility View Settings.

2. The screen below will appear. If you are working in the Primavera Windows Client on your local PC, enter localhost in the “Add this website” field, then hit the “Add” button. If you are connecting to your P6 Web Access Server at P6Server, enter P6Server and hit the “Add” button.


3. Open Primavera – it should be working now as it was before the IE upgrade. Problem Solved.