How to Backup or Export Primavera P6 Layouts with Filters

Written on . By Tracy Mah

A little while ago we wrote an article on how to import and export activity layouts in Primavera P6. You can read about it here

If you’ve taken a lot of time to create some complex Filters for your Layouts, then you want to make sure your backup Primavera Layout Files (PLF) have the Filters saved with them as well. To ensure the Filter transfers with the Layout, there are a few simple extra steps you will need to take. First, the Filter needs to be converted or copied to a Layout Filter.

1) In the screen capture below of the Filter dialog box, highlight the Filter and use the “Copy As Layout” button to copy, for example, the “test filter” as a Layout Filter.

2) Check mark the box for new Layout Filter that was just created. Next, the dialog box can be closed.

3) Make sure you save the Layout before you export it. In the Layout Options bar, select “Layout > Save”.

4) The next step is to Export the Layout. In the Open Layout dialog box, select “Export”. You will be prompted to save the PLF file on your computer.

The exported layout file can be used in a number of ways. It can be used as a backup just in case you need to use it in another Primavera P6 database. Or just in case your User profile gets reset, you can easily restore your Layouts from your backup files. Lastly, the Layouts can be shared and given to others to import for them to use.

If you need help Importing the Layout, you can refer to the instructions in this article