How Advando Provides Specialized Project Management and Control Solutions for STO – Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages

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Plant turnarounds in the power generation, oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, pulp and paper, mining and minerals, utilities, and manufacturing sectors are critical yet complex undertakings essential for maintaining, inspecting, and upgrading industrial facilities. Despite their importance, these events often face significant challenges: more than half of all turnarounds experience significant delays, causing revenue reductions; 82% do not meet performance requirements; 80% are over budget by more than 10%; and nearly 50% of work-related accidents occur during maintenance outages.


This document outlines these primary challenges and demonstrates how Advando’s services provide crucial solutions to overcome them, incorporating key success factors confirmed by recent successes in turnaround planning and scheduling.


Key Challenges:

✦ Delays

– Challenge: More than half of all turnarounds experience significant delays, causing revenue reductions.

– Solution: Our optimized scheduling and real-time data processing ensure adherence to timelines, reducing delays and enhancing efficiency.

✦ Schedule Overruns

– Challenge: 82% of all turnarounds do not satisfy performance requirements.

– Solution: Dynamic scheduling methodologies and predictive tools enhance forecasting and proactive decision making, ensuring performance requirements are met.

✦ Cost Overruns

– Challenge: 80% of all turnarounds are over budget by more than 10%.

– Solution: Advanced risk analysis and cost management controls help maintain budget adherence and optimize resource allocation.

✦ Safety and Risk Management

– Challenge: Almost 50% of work-related accidents occur during plant maintenance outages.

– Solution: Comprehensive risk-based inspection programs and enhanced execution management ensure safety and risk mitigation.

Advando Americas Inc., a subsidiary of Advando Group B.V. (Netherlands), specializes in project control solutions across Europe,

Canada, and the United States. Our mission is “Zero Delay” in projects, achieved through a cost-effective, hybrid model integrating People, Methodology, and Technology.

Key Success Factors:

✦ Long-Range Plan, PMPT / Key Milestone Plan / Plan2Plan, and Risk-Based Inspection Program.

✦ Total Schedule Integration and Dynamic Scheduling Methodology.

✦ Dynamic Execution Management via Effective Field Coordination and Span of Control.

Scope of Proposed Services:

✦ Turnaround Project Management, Work Process Review, and Readiness Review.

✦ Practical Management of Plant Turnarounds (PMPT) Training and Implementation.

✦ Dynamic Scheduling Methodology (DSM) Training and Implementation.

✦ Schedule optimization with generative AI, cost management, and control.

✦ TACS-Execution module for Capital Projects, Routine Maintenance, and Turnarounds.

✦ Comprehensive support through strategic partnerships with experts in cost management, digital transformation, predictive performance and generative AI.


Benefits of Our Project Controls Service:

  1. Scalability and Flexibility

– Tailored, scalable solutions designed to meet with client specific needs.

– Adaptable support for different project scopes, ensuring optimal use of resource utilization.

  1. Risk Reduction and Cost Efficiency

– Advanced risk analysis to identify and manage risks early.

– Optimized scheduling to reduce expenses and adhere to budgets.

  1. Enhanced Execution and Integration

– Integration of professional staffing, methodologies, and technology to mitigate staffing changes.

– Seamless coordination across all project phases, aligning stakeholders.

  1. Predictive Performance and Strategic Planning

– Predictive tools for better forecasting and proactive decision-making.

– Strategic enhancements to the playbook and milestone schedule.

  1. Improved Schedule Management

– Dynamic scheduling methodologies like DSM and generative AI for resource optimization.

– Real-time data processing to ensure adherence to timelines, integrating with asset management tools and Primavera P6.

  1. Transparency and Sustainable Relationships

– Continuous monitoring and real-time reporting for transparency.

– Building long-term, trust-based relationships focused on continuous improvement and high standards.

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