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As technologies became more sophisticated, so did client’s requests for all-in-one software solutions. Oracle responded to this request with the addition of portfolios and dashboards in Primavera EPPM release 8.0. Although they were available in previous versions, it wasn’t until release 8.0 that portfolios and dashboards became truly functional. Since that release, Oracle has improved the use of these tools. Now in release 15.1, dashboards and portfolios have become a staple for high-level executives, managers, and project managers alike to compare, analyze, and investigate projects.

Dashboards display high-level summarized information of filtered projects in boxes called portlets. These portlets display different types of information, such as earned value or project status, and can be customized for each dashboard. In this way, dashboards are useful for comparing business units, indicating where projects are falling behind schedule or overrunning costs, or even personal information for the user. As more clients begin to use dashboards, it becomes apparent that this tool is helpful for overseeing multiple large-scale projects at one time.

From a beginner to an advanced user, An Introduction to Building Dashboards is a the perfect start or refresher for those looking to learn about dashboards in Primavera P6 EPPM. We discuss the topic of dashboards, technical requirements to use dashboards, and thoroughly discuss the process of setting up a dashboard. By the end of this e-book, you’ll be able to navigate and create dashboards like a pro. We also briefly cover workspaces and workgroups in projects. These are useful tools that project managers and teams will want to use in every day management.

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