Q&A: “I have an event code error when updating baselines in P6.0. Can you help?”

Written on . By CPM Solutions

Your problem: Can you please help us to resolve this issue. I have attached the print screen of the error we receive whenever we try to update baseline.

(See attached figure below: Error Message – Event Code D8E0794D )update_baselines_error

My Solution:

1. Open “My Computer” from Windows Start, open [C:\Program Files\Common Files\Primavera Common\Java] folder

2. Run admin.cmd, when it asks for the username and password, enter privuser as username, and type privuser as password. If everything goes well, you will see the screen below:


3. Right click “INTERNAL_PLUHINS”, and select delete.

4. Finally, click Save Changes, and close the window.

5. Run the Update baselines again, and done!