Dynamic Scheduling Methodology (DSM) with Primavera P6

Written on . By CPM Solutions

Just recently, our partner/STO specialist, Ej (Ted) Lister of STONavigator, developed a whitepaper on Dynamic Scheduling Methodology for Primavera P6. Ted discusses the context of DSM and key benefits, highlighting from his own extensive knowledge and experience of the industries he has worked in. In this paper, Ted also explains the 3 Principles of a High-Performance PMO, alongside Risk Mitigation and Change Management.

This whitepaper is generously made available and free by Ted for download below. Please download for your own personal use or self-study. Any re-posts of this whitepaper must provide credit back Ej (Ted) Lister as the author and CPM Solutions Ltd. as the origin of the download.

We currently have some plans for offering advanced training options online with topics such as DSM in the near future. Please stay tuned to our updates as we release new online courses and resources involving advanced topics in Primavera! For classroom training, check out our STO300 course availability here.


“This paper explores how dynamic scheduling has the significant potential to become the defining methodology in project management and controls, as well as the optimal way to balance the benefits of dynamic scheduling against static scheduling in an effort to control direct and indirect project activities in real-time using the latest technology.”