Discontinued: Contract Management Versions 12 and 13

Written on . By CPM Solutions

Oracle has announced the discontinuation of Contract Management versions 12 & 13 effective June 30, 2012. Support for Contract Management versions 12 & 13 will be provided until June 24, 2013.

Contract Management v.14 Business Intelligence Publisher is available for purchase. V.14 contains the following features and enhancements:

  • Oracle Business Publisher, where users can create and edit reports, forms, and letter templates. Standard reports and forms are available in Oracle BI Publisher.
  • Linux and 64-bit operating systems are supported. Microsoft Word is no longer required for letters or letter templates. Letter templates are now created through Oracle BI Publisher, and letters can be edited with any text editor that support .rtf files.
  • The Oracle User Productivity Kit, which enables users to create customized Contract Management tutorials.
  • Contract Management v.14 is redesigned so that its user interface corresponds with the look and feel of the P6 user interface.
  • Web Service enabled.

It’s important that users upgrade to v.14 in order to renew support since Oracle no longer distributes media for Contract Management versions prior to v.13. Due to the difference in technology behind both products, the upgrade path chosen will be based on many different considerations:

  • Existing form and report customization
  • Technology requirements
  • Technology support limitations

Contract Management, Business Intelligence Publisher Edition (v.14) has replaced InfoMaker with BI Publisher as the reporting solution. Recreating any custom forms and reports for use in BI Publisher is required to upgrade to v.14. Standard reports and forms are available.

For more information on Contract Management v.14, please contact us.