Canada Job Grant Provides Funding for Training

Written on . By Tracy Mah

Federally sponsored funds are available for companies to train and develop their work force. Companies can receive up to $10,000 per employee to help with training costs of their employees.

The Government of Canada established Workforce Development Agreements (WDAs) with the provincial and territorial governments. Learn more about the WDAs from the official website About the Workforce Development Agreements program.

Highlights of the WDAs from the website are:

  • Provide $722 million annually, as well as an additional $900 million over 6 years from 2017 to 2018 up to 2022 to 2023, for the development and delivery of programs and services that help Canadians get training, develop their skills and gain work experience.
  • Offer flexibility to provinces and territories to respond to the diverse employment and skills training needs of Canadians.
  • Seek to help individuals who are further removed from the labour market, unemployed, underemployed, and seeking to upskill to either find and maintain good jobs or reorient their career.
  • Include specific funding targeted for persons with disabilities, and can also be used to provide supports to members of underrepresented groups such as Indigenous peoples, youth, older workers, and newcomers to Canada.
  • Support employers seeking to train current or future employees.

Where to apply for the grant?

Please note, the links may change.

Alberta –

British Columbia –

Manitoba –

New Brunswick –

Newfoundland and Labrador –

Northwest Territories –

Nova Scotia –

Nunavut –

Ontario –

Prince Edward Island –

Saskatchewan –

Yukon –

What are some scenarios in which P6 Consulting Inc can help your organization utilize the grant?

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  • Perhaps your project managers/schedulers need a refresher on how to use P6.
  • Does your company need to promote and train employees to manage projects in Primavera?

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