Q&A: “Can I import my project from MS Project 2007 to P6?”

Written on . By CPM Solutions

Primavera P6.0 and P6.1 does not support importing MS Project 2007 based projects.

However, if you are running P6.2, Microsoft Project 2007 files can be imported into Primavera, but, not using Microsoft’s .mpp file format.  In Microsoft Project 2007, the project must first be saved as a .xml file.  It can then be imported into P6.2

Another powerful tool for import Microsoft Project 2007/2010 into P6 is P6 EPPM Administration Tool at http://www.eppmsoft.com/articles/p6eppm_admin/P6EPPM_Admin_doc.php. This tool allows you to export any Microsoft Project into .xer file, then import into P6 from the xer file. Oracle Primavera already allows users to import MS Project from XML format, but P6 still give errors while importing from MS Project XML file, but this P6 EPPM Administration Tool can import your Microsoft Project from .mpp or .mpx file without any error. The download of P6 EPPM Administration Tool is free of charge.

Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance with importing Microsoft files into Primavera.