AdfAgent Error After Logging into P6 Web Access

Written on . By CPM Solutions

We recently installed Primavera P6 R8.3 EPPM on the Weblogic 10.3.6 Application Server, and found that P6 Web Access kept popping up a message with the following error with the title “message from webpage”:

Logged messages:
message=’unable to initialize AdfAgent’ level=SEVERE error=message;’AdfIE8Agent’ is undefined description:’AdfIE8Agent’ is undefined number:-2146823279 name:TypeError.

This only happens with IE 11 but not Firefox or Chrome browser. Because “AdfIE8Agent” was mentioned in the message, I immediately made the connection that P6 Web Access was trying to launch in IE8 mode. I added the server name in the IE compatibility list, and bingo, the message is gone away after I logged out and logged in again.

You can add your server to Compatibility list by clicking the Setting icon in the IE 11, then hit “Compatibility View settings”, then type your server name (for example, let’s say “localhost”) in the “Add this website” field, and then finally hit the “Add” button.