8 Free Layouts for Earned Value Analysis

Written on . By CPM Solutions

Since we posted a free Earned Value Cheat Sheet to download this week, we’re following up by providing you with earned value layouts that you can quickly import into your Primavera P6 database. We decided to set-up the layouts by separating the cost and labor unit columns for each calculation. You’ll notice that the layouts have the same name, but end in either “(Cost)” or “(Labor)” to denote which columns are used in the layout. These layouts are a good starting point for any earned value analysis and are completely customizable by you.

To customize layouts, you can either:

  • Click on the columns icon on the tool bar > Click Customize.
  • Click on the Views drop-down menu > Columns > Click Customize.

You can customize the columns using the right and left arrows moving columns between the Available Columns and Selected Columns sections. Remember to click OK! Also, remember to save your layout once you’ve customized it to your liking!