Testimonials for eCPM102: eLearning Project Management Fundamentals in Primavera P6 Windows Professional

“This was a very good course as it covers many different areas which a new user needs to be familiar with in a P6 database. Highly recommend the course!”
Salim, independent consultant. eCPM102. August 2021.

“I like how the course is structured in the sense that you must do a step by step walkthrough allowing you to learn the process and then you take a quiz of what you learned and then complete an optional exercise. I found it was very detailed and straight forward to follow along with. The optional exercises were beneficial in my opinion as you get to navigate and learn the P6 software. I found they were structured well as you get to build a project from the ground up. I found it beneficial to have the video tutorials of each lesson.” –  Kevin @ Beedie. eCPM102. May 2022.

“Really good! I think the slide show interactive exercises are very helpful.”- Riley @ Beedie. eCPM102. March 2022.

Testimonials for CPM106a: CPM106A Administration for Primavera P6 (EPPM or PPM)

“Well explained on how to resolve all of my issues in my current works at Seaspan.”
Edgar @ Seaspan, Vancouver, BC. CPM106a. April 2016.

“Tracy was excellent. I appreciate that we were able to tailor the content to our needs.”
Kelly @ City of Edmonton, Edmonton, AB. CPM106a. August 2014.

Testimonials for CPM106: CPM106 Advanced Topics in Primavera® P6 Windows Professional

“excellent course and really applicable points that I have not seen some of them in any other courses…thanks so much to the instructor (Tracy). good job!”
Attila @ FortisBC, Vancouver, BC. Virtual CPM106. December 2021.

“Worth the time & cost. The effort from Tracy was well appreciated.”
Johann, independent consultant, Fort Saskatchewan, AB. Virtual CPM106. March 2019.

“Thanks very much. The course was excellent. Everything was great. I will highly recommend this course.”
Terry @ Dow Chemical, Edmonton, AB. CPM106. March 2016.

“Tracy did an excellent job in answering specific questions and covering specific scenarios outside of the course.”
David @ Proficio Management, Vancouver, BC. CPM106. February 2016.

“I liked how you went through the chapters to flow through the course. I think when you finish re-writing the course it will be great! I enjoyed the course and can use the tools I learned today. Thank you.”
Stephen @ Shell, Edmonton, AB. CPM106. October 2015.

“Found the course and guide very helpful for learning applicable techniques to manage my projects more effectively.”
Carlee @ Tetra Tech, Vancouver, BC. CPM106. August 2015.

“Learned a lot of new features and how to improve my current practices. Tracy is very knowledgeable.” Tyler @ Graham Industrial Services, Edmonton, AB. CPM106. July 2015.

“Great course with very valuable info/modules. Course book will be a useful resource moving forward.” Greg @ Advanced Coating Solutions, Calgary, AB. CPM106. October 2014.

“Very well laid out & presented. Pace was good. Excellent presentation manner, style, communication skills.”
Barry @ Thyssen Mining Construction, Burnaby, BC. CPM106. February 2014.

Testimonials for CPM102 Project Management Fundamentals in Primavera® P6 Windows Professional

“Tracy was an awesome instructor, especially considering the fact that her classes are virtual. Tracy almost made the course feel like the social and learning aspects of the course were in person, but with all the benefits of virtual learning. Great pace, explanations, etc.”
Ramon @ Beedie, Vancouver, BC. Virtual CPM102. August 2021.

“Thank you for all of your help on this course. I thought the course provided a great overview on scheduling and how to apply this in P6. Also, the requirement for the students to follow along on their own screen is a great way to keep people active and engaged in the course content. Appreciate all the help!”
Tess @ Beedie, Vancouver, BC. Virtual CPM102. April 2021.

“Learned a lot in this course. it was very engaging and walked away with the ability to perform tasks in a software I had never used before.”
Lindsay @ Ram Consulting, Vancouver, BC. Virtual CPM102. March 2021.

“The annotated screenshots provided in the course manual are appreciated and will be a helpful reference in the future. Course format was very useful with the amount of hands-on exercises and case studies.”
Valerie @ Gisborne Industrial Construction, Vancouver, BC. Virtual CPM102. December 2020.

“Keep up the good work Tracy. Thank you for being very patient with me throughout the course. You have been a great mentor and by the end of the course I did not feel overwhelmed. Enjoyed the training a lot and I hope to remember everything that you taught us. Thank you for providing the course manuals, we will have these with us for life.”
Maheen @ Tetra Tech, Ontario. Virtual CPM102. June 2020.

“The course was extremely well laid out with a professional looking manual/workbook. Tracy did a good job at clearly conveying information towards the participants making sure to take frequent pauses to ask if they had any questions when concluding key points. I had little to no experience before taking this course but now feel confident in my ability to make and maintain reliable schedules, along with the strategically planned manual to look back at if I forgot how to do anything. I would definitely recommend this course to anybody that wants to learn P6 and plan to go with P6 Consulting in the future to learn the advanced material!”
Andrew @ Tetra Tech, Ontario. Virtual CPM102. June 2020.

“I used to look at P6 like it was a complicated software I would never understand. After the course, I can easily navigate and apply it to my work.”
Mladen @ New Gold, Kamloops BC. Virtual CPM102. May 2020.

“Excellent course and look forward to the Advanced course! Well laid out in logical order and builds from the basics through to more advanced tasks. Well done!”
Patrick @ OAC Consulting, Wasa, BC. Virtual CPM102. February 2020.

“This has been a great introduction to P6 and the reference material is meticulously laid out. I look forward to having an opportunity to working with the program in future. I enjoyed taking this course on a one-to-one basis and Tracy is very experienced and knowledgeable with training and presenting the material.”
Corinne, independent consultant, Abbotsford, BC. Virtual CPM102. August 2019.

“One-on-one experience was valuable as it allowed us to move along at our own pace and left time for a more in-depth explanation or questions when required.”
Kent @ Graham, Edmonton, AB. Virtual CPM102. July 2019.

“The course is very well composed, and the attention to detail and painstaking effort to build this course, text book and study materials is obvious. It is well thought out and organized.”
Hanan, independent consultant, Fort McMurray, AB. Virtual CPM102. September 2018.

“Tracy was very informative and lead the course with great knowledge. She explains different techniques and different tools that can be used in the software very well. I will be recommending any future associates of mine who are looking to pursue training on this software.”
Ian @ SRG Contractors, Irvine, California. Virtual CPM102. July 2018.

“I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in this field and also for anyone who can not travel to a location. The online learning was great! Especially with it being one on one.”
Kaeli, independent consultant, Port Elgin, ON. Virtual CPM102. July 2018.

“Great course – very useful tips & tricks discovered which will be of benefit to me”
Lindsay @ BC Hydro, Vancouver, BC. Customized CPM102 condensed 1 day course. July 2018

“The functionality of Primavera P6 was broken down in an intuitive way, which made for an easy flow of learning – each lesson building upon the last. The interactive format allowed for all questions to be answered satisfactorily. The exercises were a great way for skills to be practised myself, and with the guidance of the instructor when I got stuck. It really helped the material sink in.”
Chris @ CIMS, Vancouver, BC. Virtual CPM102. June 2018

“Great course and Tracy is a great expert. She had good examples & was very pragmatic with which content to focus on.”
Andrew @ BC Hydro, Vancouver, BC. Customized CPM102 condensed 1 day course. March 2017

“Thank you Tracy. The P6 program material was well presented. The manual well written & user friendly, and all questions answered. I feel comfortable going forward with this.”
Cynthia @ Brown and Caldwell, Vancouver, BC. CPM102. December 2016.

“Thanks for tailoring the program to fit our situations that we deal with on a day to day basis.”
Scott @ CIF Construction Ltd, Vancouver, BC. CPM102. November 2016.

“Very intuitive, and course was made relevant to what I will be using it for.”
Jericho @ Ledcor, Vancouver, BC. CPM102. October 2016.

“A lot of useful information covered. Excellent introduction course to Primavera®.”
Frank @ Hatch. CPM102. August 2016.

“Tracy is extremely knowledgeable & helpful with advancing my scheduling career.”
Scott @ Aurum Engineering Corporation. CPM102. May 2016.

“Good course, felt like it did a good job covering everything. Tracy was very personable and knowledgeable.”
Lance @ PCL Industrial, Vancouver, BC. CPM102. March 2017 2016.

“Instructions & materials are very easy to understand & follow.”
Amy @ AECOM, Edmonton, AB. CPM102. March 2016.

“Tracy did a great job of showing us how to use the software, where to get help, and answering any questions we had.”
John @ Faithful & Gould Inc., Vancouver, BC. CPM102. February 2016.

“Excellent course, polite instructor, answered questions, taught us real world scenarios”.
Nathan @ TIW Steel Platework, St. Catharines, ON. CPM102 January 2016.

“Excellent course. After taking this course, I feel comfortable starting to use P6 but still need sometime to be proficient at it. The instructor did a great job at presenting the material.”
Pascal @ TIW Steel Platework, St. Catharines, ON. CPM102 January 2016.

“Lots of good info & hands on exercises. Trainer was great & knowledgeable.”
Kel-leigh @ SaskPower, Regina, SK. CPM102. December 2015.

“Very well organized and valuable course.”
Corrine @ SaskPower, Regina, SK. CPM102. December 2015.

“Great overview of P6 course.”
Phil, independent consultant, Vancouver, BC. CPM102. December 2015.

“It was a great one day class. So much to practice & remember but I believe we made a great foundation today!”
Fariba @ BC Hydro, Vancouver, BC. Customized CPM102 condensed 1 day course. November 2015.

“Great instructor. Content very applicable, usable and relevant to day to day activities. Loved the hands on approach.”
Caroline @ BC Hydro, Vancouver, BC. Customized CPM102 condensed 1 day course. November 2015.

“I did my first day online with Tracy & was thoroughly impressed with that method of presentation.” Mike @ ICT, Edmonton, AB. CPM102. July 2015.

“Greatly enjoyed the course and instructor. Would recommend to anyone.”
Jacob @ HB Construction, Calgary, AB. CPM102. February 2015.

“Very good and positive course.”
Roger @ Faithful+Gould, Calgary, AB. CPM102. February 2015.

“Course was well done! I’m definitely going to implement many aspects of the program within my field of construction.”
Sheraz @ BA Blacktop, Vancouver, BC. CPM102. January 2015.

“I came with the expectation that I would not be able to keep up with the class due to no previous experience with the schedule programs. It was surprisingly user friendly. I will put it to use.”
Kyle @ Graham Group, Saskatoon, SK. On-site CPM102. January 2015.

“Great course material. Have never used P6 or MS Project, I feel comfortable to start using P6 right away. Tracy did a great job helping me and the pace of the course was great as well.”
Jessica @ Clark Builders, Calgary, AB. CPM102. December 2014.

“Very informative and it gave me more confidence.”
Rashid @ Ledcor, Calgary, AB. CPM106. October 2014.

“Overall, very thorough and concise, good pace working through the examples.”
Independent consultant, Calgary, AB. CPM102. October 2014.

“I found the course very beneficial. It answered a lot of questions in had in Primavera®.”
Jordan @ North American Construction Group, Vancouver, BC. CPM102. November 2014.

“Since I was someone with no project management experience, I was impressed with how the course was set up so that I could understand it.”
Jenna, independent consultant @ Calgary, AB. CPM102. May 2014.

“Overall experience was good. Nice instructor and knowledgeable.”
Khush, independent consultant @ Edmonton, AB. CPM102. April 2014.

“Great introduction to the functions & applications of Primavera®. Thanks.”
Troy @ Sprague-Rosser, Edmonton, AB. CPM102. April 2014.

“Instructor was very efficient balancing between the novice and pros.”
Ted @ Ledcor, Vancouver, BC. CPM102. April 2014.

“Tracy was a great instructor that loves what she teaches.”
Mario @ KBR, Calgary, AB. CPM102. March 2014.

“The workshops were the best element for applying what we learned.”
Jeff @ Bantrel Co., Calgary, AB. CPM102. March 2014.

“While I had NO experience with Primavera® P6 I found Tracy to be very considerate, patient and was able/willing to help any time. Thank you to Tracy!!”
Barry @ Thyssen Mining Construction, Burnaby, BC. CPM102. February 2014.

“I really liked Tracy’s pace. She made sure everyone understood the content and was willing to back track to make sure everyone is comfortable.”
Jan @ Seaspan, Burnaby, BC. CPM102. February 2014.

“Second time taking course. I learned more in 1 day this time than what I learned in 3 days from Oracle the first time. Very good instructor.”
Brian @ Thyssen Mining Construction, Burnaby, BC. CPM102. February 2014.

“Well demonstrated. Content layout mimics real world applications. Instructor well versed in P6.” Steve@ , Edmonton, AB. CPM102. January 2014.

“Instructor drilled good work habits that I will apply to projects. It is a lot to learn in the 3 days. Refresher.”
Marlene @ Total Enerflex, Edmonton, AB. CPM102, October 2014.

“Tracy was an excellent facilitator as she put the class at ease with her presentation style! Thank you!” Tessa, independent consultant, Vancouver, BC. CPM102. September 2014.

“Very impressed with the instructor, pace, and materials for learning.”
Megan @ MD Opportunity No. 17, Edmonton, AB. CPM102. June 2014.

“Good course. Good instructor. Met my expectations and gave me working comfort with P6. Thanks!”
Josh @ Tartan Canada, Edmonton, AB. CPM102. June 2014.

“Course is very informative. Would definitely be able to use in my projects.”
Michael @ Newalta Corporation, Edmonton, AB. CPM102. July 2014.